Horsena Swap Safety Stirrups Black


Designed to ensure rider comfort and safety, Horsena Swap Stirrups have an oriented eye and a movable leg to release the foot in case of a fall.

Made from high quality materials, these customisable stirrups can also be matched to your outfit with an interchangeable panel that adds a touch of colour!

You can change the look of your Horsena Stirrups with a simple gesture by combining the Horsena Stirrup Branches of your choice from the different colours available.

Original, innovative and robust, these stirrups optimise your safety thanks to their side arm which opens to 90° to allow the release of the foot in the event of a fall.

For the rider's comfort and a better position of the lower leg, the Horsena Swap stirrups are equipped with :

  • a slightly oriented eye which naturally favours a good positioning of the leg
  • a 5° inclined anatomical floor that helps to keep the heel low
  • an ergonomic shape that facilitates the correct position of the foot in the centre of the stirrup

Holes in the sole combined with the 3D structure of the footbed allow sand or dirt to drain away and maximise grip.

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