Here at Boomerang Horse and Country Store we have a wide selection of different feeds ideal for your horses needs. To order feed with us please call us on 0504 90402 or email

Boomerang Horse and Country Store are proud Stockists of TopSpec, Bluegrass, Gain, RedMills, Dengie, Pegus, Grennan, Foulkstown and Equerry feeds. 

This vast range of brands means that we have every type of feed your horse might need - for even the most sensitive of stomachs.

Have a look at some of the feature points of our suppliers: 

  • Formulations are all designed by their own expericenced equine nutrionists
  • Only highest quality ingredients are used in each formulation, all of which can be traced back to source.
  • Participants in UFAS and BETA-NOPS programmes
  • Available for competition use under BHA/FEI regulations
  •  Widely recommended by independent nutritionists, equine vetinarary surgeons and farriers.


  • Irish Company with Quality, Nutrition and Performance at the heart of their work ethic 
  • Focus on ensuring a strong blend of super-fibres and oils to keep the horses digestive system healthy
  • Complies with the BETA-NOPS code of practice
  • Official feed consultants to Team Ireland Equestrian 


  • Approved members of the BETA-NOPS assurance scheme
  • Only Irish grown oats used in their recipes
  • All products contain mycotoxin binders 
  • Cooking process includes Micronization - proven to be highly digestible and beneficial to gut health


  • Over 100 years of equine nutrition expertise 
  • Approved under BETA-NOPS standards
  • Recognised worldwide in over 73 countries, including USA, China and Japan
  • Work closely with local grain producers and global ingredient suppliers to ensure the grains, beans, seed and fibres selected meet the specifications required for high performance 


  • Complies with BETA-NOPS Scheme
  • Known for the Alfalfa Green Crop - packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants 
  • 50 Years Experience of growing, harvesting and manufacturing fibre-based feeds using alfalfa.
  • Awarded the Royal Warrant in 2007 - a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  


  • Compliant with the UFAS and FEMAS Schemes
  • Works closely with world leading nutritionists, using extensive research to find the best formulations of equine feed 
  • Irish company with over 40 years experience in the Equine Food Business 


  • Produced under the BETA NOPS scheme
  • Highly digestible fibre sources are utilised to support a healthy digestive system
  • Balanced with vitamins and minerals to support health and wellbeing
  • Include good quality protein sources for muscle development where appropriate

Foulkstown Feeds:

  • Foulkstown Haylage is produced from Italian rye grass meadows which are re-seeded every 3 to 4 years to ensure consistent quality
  • Constantly monitored and tested, you can be assured that the haylage you receive is only of the highest quality


  • Specialists in feed for many different types of farming and working animals.
  • The Nugget Brand, by Grennan cares deeply about packing each batch of Horse Feed with all the necessary nutrients a healthy horse needs. 
  • Only highest quality ingredients are used in each batch of feed  

Each brand we stock carries their own selection of feeds dedicated to specific needs for your horse, so whether its for the youngest foal, or the strongest racehorse, we have the feed for you at Boomerang Horse and Country Store.