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Horse Bedding:

Shavings & Sawdust Mix

Highly absorbent. Available all year round.

Pure Sawdust 

Good insulation & holds large volume of urine

Pure Shavings

Comfortable, long lasting. Good value for money.


Cattle Bedding:

Shavings & Sawdust Mix

Very economical. Ideal for cow cubicles and calf/bull pen.

Pure Sawdust

Very fine, stops hock rubbing. Reduces slurry system blockages.

Pure Shavings 

Keeps cows clean & dry. Ideal on cow mats or mattresses.

Woodchip is an excellent option for bedding or outdoor paddocks.


Shavings - Bulk

Bedding is available in the following quantities:

Artic tipper 35 foot long. 60 cubic yard capacity.

Walking floor 45 foot long. 120 cubic yard capacity

Rigid tipping lorry 14 foot with 7 foot sides


Shavings - Bales

30 bales per pallet. Average weight per bale: 25-27kg

Standard Shavings 

Economical and dust free.

Kiln Dried Shavings

Provides superior absorption & comfort.

Dust Free Kiln Dried Shavings

Ideal bedding for horses with allergies. Use dust free to reduce the respiratory challenges for equines.

Shredded Paper

Dust free. An excellent choice for horses with allergies.

  • All bales are available palletised with plastic covering for outdoor storage.
  • *Nationwide delivery for full trailers i.e. 14 pallets of bales
  • At Boomerang, we will consider multiple drops within a small radius

All of our products: 

Are completely chemical free

Make mucking out quick and easy

Are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council Timber

Delivered Nationwide

Public Sector Compliant

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