Beris Leather Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Hard Mouthpiece

  • Horses accept leather bits exceptionally well. Leather is a purely natural product, it promotes chewing and also the flow of saliva. The bit slides easily in the mouth thereby increasing well being. The processed leather has been vegetable-tanned and hand stitched. When moistened, the anatomically pre-shaped bit adjusts perfectly to the anatomy of the horse"s mouth. Our leather mouthpiece is particularly well suited to young and highly sensitive horses. Even horses that generally dislike bits in their mouth mostly like a leather bit and can re-learn a trusting acceptance of the bit. The loose ring means that the bit is more mobile in the mouth. The loose ring snaffle is therefore a bit for horses who prefer a more mobile bit. The ring runs very smoothly in the copper sockets, and the resulting better durability increases the service life of the bit. In selecting the bit, one can also address the horse"s requirements.

  • Bits for the ambitious leisure rider and professional alike.
    The beris bit company in Schleswig-Holstein came into being as the result of years of manufacturing bits, the experience gained from this, skilled craftmanship and passion for equestrian sport:
    Out of passion for the horse.
    The protection of the horse"s sensitive mouth is most important to beris. From bit ring to the complicated cheekpiece: every metal part is shaped by hand, welded and polished to perfection.
    The innovative design of the mouthpiece also ensures a better acceptance of the bit and facilitates subtle communication between horse and rider. The beris mouthpieces are made of a food safe plastic compound, processed and with a surface finish unequalled so far in the field of plastic bits. Their surface is very smooth and they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse doesn´t produce much saliva. Practically all horses like the beris mouthpieces. They produce saliva, chew more and accept the bit readily. True Made in Germany craftmanship.


Before first use, the mouthpiece should be softened for a few hours in cooking oil. Repeat this procedure as soon as you notice that the leather seems dry. Before every use it should be soaked briefly in clear water and, after use, cleaned thoroughly as saliva can degrade the leather.
Mouthpiece thickness outside 20 mm, inside 12 mm

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