BR Kineton Noseband Tobacco


The Kineton noseband has a very strong action on the horse mouth and nostril areas. Preventing the horse from opening his mouth and getting his tongue over the bit. Suitable for bridles with the noseband strap going over the crown.

The Kineton noseband works by transferring bit pressure from the riders hand to the nose. This noseband is most suitable for horses that are hard pullers, allowing the rider to ride lightly with a mild bit and still stop a strong horse, or hot horses because it helps them to relax and accept the bit. The Kineton has metal half-rings, that pass under the bit, and a leather strap that sits below the bit and over the nose approximately where a drop noseband would sit. There is no strap to keep the horses mouth closed. This noseband should only be used with a snaffle bit that is slightly wider than normal to accomodate the metal rings of the noseband. A martingale should not be attached to this noseband.

The Tobacco noseband features matte, brass buckles.


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