BR Premiere De Gogue With Martingale Black

Leather gogue with adjustable girth attachment loop with buckles closure and three D-rings: one at the end and two at the breast part for more adjustment
options. The soft nylon cords are attached with snap hooks and go through the
bitrings to the rings (with roller buckles) on the leather headpiece back to the
breast part of the gogue, where they are attached to one of the three D-rings
using a snap hook. In this way, a triangle is formed, which prevents the horse
from extending its neck too far ahead.

The gogue is fitted with stainless steel fittings. The gogue can be used while
riding and longeing and makes sure that your horse decontracts and walks in a
relaxed position. If the horse raises its head, pressure arises behind the ears
and in the corners of the mouth, which causes the horse to lower its head.

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