Br Training Pad Alaska


Our High-Performance Cool Plus Lungeing Cavesson helps your horse train back and abdominal muscles, providing extra support while riding and lunging. The cavesson is lined with moisture-regulating and breathable Cool Plus fabric, ensuring comfort and breathability while in use. Get the most out of your riding and lunging sessions with this essential tool.


The BR Training Pad Alaska is a unique saddle pad designed with adjustable and removable elastic straps to help the horse move correctly and effectively train the back and abdominal muscles. With snap hooks for easy attachment and a convenient phone pocket, you can easily track and monitor your training progress.


This saddle pad is designed to help strengthen a horse's core muscles, hindquarters, and balance. Elastic straps encourage the correct movement of the horse, making it a useful training tool for improving performance and a great recommendation for animal physiotherapists working on rehabilitation and back problems. The pad works equally well while riding or lunging.

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