Bluegrass Garlic Chaff

    • Contains garlic which can act as a natural repellent and anti-inflammatory.
    • Lightly molasse covering.
    • Additional fibre source to your horse’s diet.
    • Helps to reduced feed bolting


    • All types of horses & ponies
    • To be used with concentrate feeds


    Feeding 1kg of Bluegrass Garlic Chaff per day contains enough garlic to eliminate the need for extra supplements. 

    Digestible Energy (MJ/KG)  8
    Protein % 4
    Fibre % 23.2
    Ash % 14
    Starch % 1.4


     COMPOSITION (Descending Order)

    Natural Preservative (Proprionic Acid), Limestone Flour, Garlic Powder, Molasses, Oat Straw

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