Bluegrass Racehorse Cubes

  • Fast release energy
  • Micronised cereals to enhance digestibility and utilisation.
  • High-quality protein sources and amino acids to support muscle development and topline.
  • Fortified with Bluegrass Stamm 30 Performance balancer 
  • Contains Bioplex trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese.
  • Natural vitamin E, an important antioxidant
  • Marine-derived calcium scientifically proven to support gut health, gastric health and improve bone density.
  • Encapsulated live yeast cultures to support the hind gut microbiome from large cereal diets and enhance fibre digestion.
  • Fortified in KER micronutrients


  • Horses in moderate to hard work
  • National hunt, flat and point to point horses in full work
  • Breeze up sales horses


Race Horse Cubes
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 13
Protein % 14
Oil % 3.5
Fibre % 15.2
Ash % 7.9
Starch % 15

COMPOSITION  (Descending Order)

Wheat Feed; Soya Bean Hulls; Oats; Soya Bean Meal; Sugar Beet; Molasses Press; Calcium Carbonate; Soya Oil; Dicalcium Phosphate; Acidbuf; Sodium Chloride; Actisaf ; Alltech Mycosorb;  

Vitamin A: 12,760 IU/KG, Vitamin D3: 1,276 IU/KG, Vitamin E: 214 IU/KG


*Based on daily intake, fed with high-quality forage, at a recommended minimum of 1.5% body weight (dry matter) per day based on a 500kg horse

  Light Work Moderate Work Hard Work
Ponies 1-1.5kg 1.5-2kg 2.5-3kg
Horses 1.5-2kg 2.5-3kg 3.5-5kg






Henry de Bromhead (2021 Cheltenham Gold Cup & Aintree Grand National Winning Trainer) "Bluegrass Race Horse Cubes gives the horses energy to perform at their best and support a quick recovery. The low starch helps to reduce the incidence of ulcers, giving me peace of mind" 

Noel Meade "I've been feeding Bluegrass Horse Feeds for just over two years to many of my horses including Jeff Kidder. I'm happy with the feed and the horses are looking well" 

Gordon Elliott "I have been feeding Bluegrass since 2005. I feed all my horses Bluegrass Race Horse Cubes" 

Ian Ferguson "I find the horses have enough energy to perform at their best and always look great" 

Ciaran Murphy " I have peace of mind that my horses are getting everything they need for optimal muscle development, performance and recovery" 

Rebecca Menzies "Their coats look great all year round and perform consistently. The customer service is brilliant" 

Gavin Cromwell " I have been feeding Bluegrass for as long as I have been training. The low starch level of the Race Horse Cubes means have little issues with ulcers" 

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