Gain Studcare 32 Balancer


Stud-Care 32 Balancer is a premium stud balancer pellet designed for very low feeding rates. It can be fed solely to well-conditioned breeding stock (mares pregnant or lactating, stallions, foals, weanlings, store horses) or those on very good grass or to heavy - topped young stock or growing horses that require optimum levels of nutrients for normal skeletal growth and development without any additional calories.

  • 32% protein balancer with elevated levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • Power-packed with vital amino acids, minerals, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  • Feeding 100g/day/100kg bodyweight provides a sound diet base for adult horses and ponies.
  • If extra energy is required this can be supplied by feeding oats or reduced amounts of other GAIN Stud feeds.
  • Excellent for broodmares to meet protein, mineral and vitamin requirements at all stages of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Ideal for foals, weanling and yearlings not requiring further condition.
  • Soya bean and milk powder provide essential available amino acids such as lysine and methionine.
  • Linseed provides omega 3 fatty acids to support a healthy coat.
  • FOS prebiotic maintains fibre digestion and a healthy gut.
  • Bioplex® trace elements including Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise mineral availability.
  • Sel-Plex® organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
  • Proviox natural plant antioxidants support Vitamin E utilisation.
  • Biotin addition helps maintain hoof.

Instructions for use

Complementary feed for horses and ponies as a supplement to ad-lib forage and water. Feed GAIN Stud Care 32 Balancer as a concentrated stud balancer to adult and growing horses and ponies. Feeding 100g/day/100kg bodyweight provides a sound diet base for adult horses and ponies. Feed 0.1-0.30kg/day/100kg bodyweight. Do not exceed the recommended maximum feeding rate. Adjust feeding rates for bodyweight, condition, work, weather and forage. Do not feed with forage from high selenium soils. Do not feed to sheep or other livestock. Store in a cool dry place.

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