Gain Young Stock Mix


GAIN Young Stock Mix is a very palatable muesli containing highly digestible cereals, quality proteins and an excellent trace mineral and vitamin specification. It is suitable to be fed to foals pre and post weaning and also to yearlings/young stock being prepared for show or sale. Gradual introduction to the product is essential especially if the foal has not previously had access to a concentrate diet.

  • Highly digestible muesli, fortified with palatable cooked flaked cereals.
  • Bioplex® trace elements including Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise mineral availability.
  • Sel-Plex® organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
  • Inclusion of live yeast increases fibre digestion.
  • Extra vitamin support, including full B Vitamin spectrum, for maximum performance.
  • Proviox natural plant antioxidants support Vitamin E utilisation.
  • Suitable from weaning up to twenty four months of age.

Instructions for use

Complementary feed for horses and ponies as a supplement to ad-lib forage and water. Feed GAIN Young Stock Mix to growing horses and ponies from 8 -24 months of age. Overtopped young stock prone to DOD should be fed GAIN Opti-Care Balancer or GAIN Stud Care 32 Balancer as a concentrated low-feed rate alternative. Feed 1.0 – 2.0kg/day/100kg bodyweight. Do not exceed the recommended maximum feeding rate. Adjust feeding rates for bodyweight, condition, work, weather and forage. Do not feed with forage from high selenium soils. Do not feed to sheep or other livestock. Store in a cool dry place.

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