Equiline Anatomical Bridle With Removable Flash Noseband NB450 Black


Components for the complete bridle: HPL412 - BB0418 - CP0001 - NB0450.

One of the most anatomical jumping bridles on the market, made with soft, high quality Italian leather. The Equiline bridles have been specifically designed with the horse’s comfort in mind.
Featuring half holes to enable the perfect fit.Anatomical headpiece designed to cut away from sensitive parts around the ears while still helping to reduce poll pressure, standard flat cheekpieces are made in soft leather so easy to attach to the bridle and adjust, softly padded browband with contrast stitch detail and wider section in the middle to match noseband, the noseband widens across the bridge of the nose to help to reduce the pressure on this area with attractive contrast stitiching to match browband.
When you’re a looking for a new bridle and want something that will improve your horse’s performance think Equiline, think combination of pieces and think anatomical

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