Flex On Safe On Adult Stirrups Orange Frame/Black Tread/Orange Springs


The Flex-On Safe-On Safety Stirrup features a revolutionary design. It is the ultimate new generation stirrup featuring a unique retractablearm for increased safety. The Flex-On Safe-On Stirrup has been designed using a combination of modern engineering and a professional level competitive riding background. The Flex-On stirrups provide an stable, comfortable and safe ride based on new innovative shock absorption technology which cushions the movements of the rider and improves performance.

The Safe-On Safety Stirrup feature the same components & design of the Green Composite Stirrup with the addition of improved innovative safety features.

The Flex-On Stirrups ultra-lightweight, strong frames are made from organically sourced polyamide with an internal steel frame which reinforces the polymer outer. The steel core protects against breakages which are common with composite-framed stirrups, while remaining lightweight.  The Safe-On Stirrup also features a flexible and retractable arm on the outside of the frame which will release the foot by opening the outer arm when approximately 40kg of force is applied in the event of a fall. The arm can then be quickly and easily re-secured using an Allen key. Once this is done the stirrup will be ready to use again, without the need for any replacement parts.

The inclined foot bed is designed at an angle to match the rider’s natural heel position, with small steel studs built into the ultra-grip tread to provide incredible grip. The stirrup leather slot is specially angled to help achieve the ideal leg position. Thedesign helps to achieve optimum stability, an ideal leg position, and reduces stress and strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints.

Elastomer springs under the foot bed reduce and absorb shock waves, improving comfort and reducing strains.The horse will also benefit from the shock absorption system.    

These stirrups are suitable for a wide range of riders from all disciplines such as eventing, show jumping, cross country, endurance, dressage and hacking.

To clean simply rinse with water and air dry.

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