Helite Original Airvest Navy Adult


The Airjacket is a tethered vest connected directly to the saddle with a strap. Ideal for riders who want to combine comfort and optimal protection. It fits perfectly over any clothing thanks to its 3 adjustment straps.

The airbag vest offers a big protection volume and is equipped with a mechanical system ready to use and easy to reuse. Thanks to its ultra-fast inflation (100 ms), it ensures optimal protection of vital areas: cervical, back, pelvis, sacrum and thorax before ground impact. 

It enables the rider to keep a high freedom of movement.

Thanks to its breathable fabric and its cut, the airbag vest allows a very good air circulation, even in high performance sport. The shape of the airbag offers a big protection volume for an optimal pressure and absorbs shocks efficiently.

Designed for EVENTING, the Arijacket airbag protects in any condition.

It is sold ready to use with 1 gas cartridge, 1 lanyard, 1 saddle strap and 1 user guide.


Please note: Due to shipping Restrictions we can not ship canisters outside Ireland and the UK - if you order this product to outside of Ireland and the UK, it will be shipped without the canister.

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