Lorina Mullen Mouth Rugby Pelham


The Rugby Pelham is becoming a big hit in the showing world as an alternative to the Weymouth and bradoon. It gives the look of a double bridle as worn with two reins.

The Rugby Pelham has an extra loose ring which is connected by a link on the snaffle ring, which is also gives a more direct contact to the mouthpiece than that of a normal pelham.

Traditionally the Pelham bit was often used for horses that prove too strong in a snaffle. It uses a variety of pressure points,

The first rein is attached to the snaffle ring, and the second rein attached to the ring at the bottom of the shank, known as the curb rein. When the first rein is used the Pelham acts like a hanging cheek snaffle, putting slight pressure on the poll. When the second rein is brought into play, this increases the leverage and chin pressure, which allows the curb chain to come into play.

The curb chain should be fitted so that the it tightens when the second rein is brought into play. (If you find the curb action too severe or is marking your sensitive horse mark easily we sell the Acavallo Gel Curb Guard via a separate listing in Black or Brown which has proven to be a real match for any brand of bit requiring a curb chain attachment.)

For jumpers/working hunters it may prove useful to use the Acavallo curb guard as some horses find that the curb chain alone restricts the movement and allowance for the neck to stretch. If the reins are not given in time it will cause the curb to over tighten and cause an adverse reaction.

Curved mullen mouthpiece is a mild mouthpiece ideal for sensitive mouths with large tongues. Designed to be used with double reins.

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