Metalab 3 Ring Gag Bit Leather Covered


Made of stainless steel with leather covered barrels, the Metalab Pinchless leather 3-ring-bit will not oxidize.

The adjustable bit makes it easy to get a high enough "place" to balance horses that "pull" down and load the shoulders.

The leverage of the bit can be increased depending on the position of the reins on 3 possible levels.

By encouraging chewing and salivation, the leather allows the horse to relax more easily.

The Metalab Pinchless leather 3-ring-bit is equipped with a "Pinchless" joint which prevents unintentional pinching of the tongue and mouth. The horse's tongue remains free to move, which improves the contact between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth.

What is a Pinchless bit? It is a bit where the barrel can be rotated without moving the joint. Each half of the bit is independent of the other, which allows for more precise action and limits pinching of the tongue and mouth.

  • Barrels: 17 mm
  • Rings: 15 cm

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