Metalab Evolution Leather Loose Ring Snaffle Bit


Evolution Leather Bits = Where Tradition meets innovation

The Evolution Leather Bits incorporate traditional leather coverings with pinchless curved mouthpieces to create a comfortable feel. These innovative bits provide a more accurate connection to your horse. A revolutionary approach that leads to a higher level of performance and communication. 

The Metalab Pinchless Leather Loose Ring Snaffle is made of stainless steel.

Its leather alloy allows the horse to relax in the mouth for the softest possible contact.

It is anatomically designed for comfort and ease of use for the horse.

The Metalab Pinchless Leather Loose Ring Snaffle has a "pinchless" joint which prevents involuntary pinching of the tongue and commissures. The horse's tongue remains free in its movements and it improves the contact between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth.

17 mm barrels.

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