Privilege Equitation Standard Gogue Brown

The De Gogue training aid is used for developing a horses topline and muscle, asking for self-carriage and releases tension from the head, poll, and neck. When the horse is working in a correct outline the de gogue will not be in affect. However, if they show resistance it will apply pressure to the poll and mouth. This can be used riding or lunging. The De Gogue attaches to the girth between the horses front legs. Then attach two rings to the first D ring on the piece coming up from their legs, then take each rein and put it through the bit and up alongside the cheekpiece. It then attaches to the piece at the poll and runs back down to clip onto the D ring again. When fitted correctly it should make a triangle shape from the point between the legs, to the bit, then the poll, and back to the piece between their legs.

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