Samshield Miss Shield V2 2.0 Helmet Navy With Rose Gold Trim & Blazon


This helmet is the result of 4 years of research and development, and has been designed to meet the demands of riders and offer optimum fit, unprecedented comfort and optimized airflow, while still meeting current safety standards.

The helmet is made from cutting-edge materials to enable riders to enjoy their sport to the full and without restraint:

*Premium Materials - polycarbonate, which is a material used for elite motorcycle helmets

*Anti-scratch paint

*The new edging allows 300 Swarovski crystals to be added to the helmet's contours, even in areas of airflow.

*Optimal airflow thanks to its unique 6-point ventilation system.

*Perfect fit: new integrated chinstrap for all hairstyles, including the trainer's bun.

*A perfect fit with memory foam, ensuring constant thickness over years of use.

*The semi-rigid chinstrap eliminates any risk of the helmet tipping over in the event of violent movement.

*The inner shell is made of variable-density polystyrene for better dissipation of impact energy.

 *This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a much stronger clip system than the scratch/Velcro system.

It can therefore be washed (max. 30°C) at will in order to constantly be able to wear a clean and fragrant helmet.

MATERIALS FOR OPTIMAL SAFETY – The outer shell of the Shadowmatt helmet is made from polycarbonate and painted with an anti-scratch, matte paint.

The inner shell is made from variable density polystyrene, to dissipate the energy produced upon impact more efficiently.


STABILITY – The internal comfort hat lining ensures a consistent thickness inside the helmet. The use of a liner with a semi-rigid chin strap reduces the risk of the helmet tipping in the case of violent movement.

A thorough anthropomorphic study led to the design of the inner liner, creating unmatched comfort. The internal comfort foam lining is removable, so can be washed at your convenience in order to maintain a clean helmet. This system also makes it possible to follow the growth of a young rider.


POWERFUL INTERNAL AIRFLOW – Equipped with a 6 point air inlet system, the Samshield helmet provides exceptional ventilation. Fresh air is channelled from the front vent to the back vents in the helmet, minimising uncomfortable sweating. This concept generates a strong internal airflow avoiding the need for visible and unsightly air inlets: the elegance of the helmet is retained without compromising technicality and comfort.


This helmet is in stock in store and online in a Small Shell, liner sizes will be confirmed with you after placing your order. If you wish to purchase a different size shell or if this helmet has inspired you to design your own, please do not hesitate to contact us on 050490402 or on, where we will be more than happy to assist you.


We hold a number of helmets in stock, however if you have a specific requirement, or require a helmet as a matter of urgency, please do not hesitate to contact us to check our stock.

Customised and non stock helmets are generally available within 3-6 weeks.


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