Zandona Carbon Air Sensitive+ Pony Fetlock Boot


#NoSkin #NoProblem

The 100% Made in Italy "CARBON AIR SENSITIVE+ PONY Fetlock" are equipped with an internal coating made of REAL MERINO WOOL obtained by shearingAvoiding the use of SKIN we can avoid its typical care and manteineance problems without giving up the maximum comfort and anti-allergic properties, ideal for sensitive skins.

Technical specifications:
- 100% Made in Italy;
- external TPU structure with differentiated thickness;
- ventilated by Air-Vents located over the fetlock;
- Gel-Tech working as shock absorber and comfortable padding;
- Carbon Fibre elements to thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction while increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts;
- Flex-Zone to allow maximum freedom of movement to the limb;
- Elastic straps with quick-release-tip for a secure closing and double locking system (horizontal\vertical).


Please note: These boots are suitable for 12.2 ponies and fine boned 13.2. Any larger animals will be better suited to SMALL Fetlock Boots.

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