Zandona Carbon Pro Sensitive + Tendon Boot


CARBON PRO SENSITIVE+ Tendon" is characterized by the “NO SKIN, NO PROBLEM” high quality REAL Merinos LAMBSWOOL lining, obtained by shearing.


The lamb wool, Natural Thermoregulator, is perfect to be used all year round and, thanks to its Hypoallergenic Properties, it is ideal for horses with sensitive skins.


Avoiding the use of SKIN in the lining, all its typical problems of care and maintenance are avoided too, without giving up the maximum comfort and the specific hypoallergenic properties.


These horse boots have been redesigned with a deeply revised design to be even lighter and more breathable and provide a more complete protection area.


The innovative structure, inspired by racing cars and aircraft, features large air intakes strategically positioned, for the first time, frontally in the direction of the horse's movement. Thanks to this, the air channelled under the shell is expelled more abundantly through a specific central air intake in the area where a "suction" effect occurs due to the relative depression typically generated at the rear end of moving vehicles/objects. An innovation like no other in the market to control joint stress caused by heat and reduce the risk of injuries.


The Carbon Fiber elements, even more resistant and extensive, create a thermal barrier to protect the horse's joints from the heat generated by friction and increase resistance to impacts and the proven Gel-Tech helps protective the areas most exposed to impacts.


The new stud-type buckles have been redesigned with a modern design and made more comfortable and functional for quick release and fastening and increased durability.


Finally, the proven Flex-Zone continues to ensure maximum freedom of movement for the limb.


100% Made in Italy and sustainable as it is made with 95% recycled TPU (certified PSV).


Please note: Small is suitable for 14.2 ponies, animals that are smaller would be better suited to PONY Tendon Boots.

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