BR Tendon Boots Xcellence White

• Optimal protection thanks to impact zone
• Comfortable fit
• Assemble matching sets



With the Xcellence tendon boots you protect the tendons of the front legs against strikes or kicks from the hind legs. The back of the protector is reinforced with a plastic impact zone for optimal protection. You can put this tendon protector on your horse's leg quickly and easily. Are they very dirty after riding? Then you rinse them under running water.
You can mix and match cool sets with a matching saddle pad, fetlock boots and ear bonnet from the BR Event collection.

Product features
The tendon boots have a hard outer shell of polyurethane that is additionally reinforced at the back with a plastic impact zone for optimal protection of the tendon. The shock-absorbing 5 mm neoprene lining is blindly finished at the edges for a refined look. The anatomical cut-out at the top of the back ensures a comfortable fit. The tendon boot contains two strong folded back Velcro fasteners with elastic. This keeps the protector perfectly around the leg.

Make sure you buy the boots in the right size and put them on properly. If they are too small or if you fasten them too tight, there will be too much pressure on the tendon. If the tendon boots are too long, they will hinder your horse's movement.

Size Shetland: 1 Velcro fastener
Other sizes: 2 Velcro fasteners

Washing instructions
Machine washable up to 30°
Use a laundry bag
Use low-duty detergents or detergents especially for plastic (art. 764002)
Close all Velcro fasteners
Do not tumble dry

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