Bluegrass Oat Balancer Mix

  • Nutrient-dense balancer formulated to support and balance oats and other cereals
  • Oat balancer mix contains Bluegrass Stamm 30, a high-quality protein, vitamin, and mineral balancer.
  • Oat balancer mix contains high levels of vegetable oil to support condition and provide slow-release energy sources.
  • Formulated to provide high energy levels and complement a cereal-based diet.


  • Horses in moderate to hard work
  • Mares during pregnancy and lactation
  • Breeding stallions  


*Based on daily intake, fed with high-quality forage, at a recommended minimum of 1.5% body weight (dry matter) per day based on a 500kg horse

Content Cube Mix
Digestible Energy MJ/Kg 11.25 15
Protein % 24 20
Oil % 3.3 9
Fibre % 8 5.9
Ash % 18.5 10.2

COMPOSITION (in descending order)

Soya (Bean) Meal; Wheat Feed; Soya (Bean) Hulls; Calcium Carbonate; Molasses; Dicalcium Phosphate; Sodium Chloride; Soya Oil;  

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