Equiline Custom Fitted Saddles


At Boomerang we offer a made-to-measure saddle fitting service at no additional charge. Please contact us on 050490402 or shop@boomerang.ie for more information. The pricing of these items varies according to the customisation and type of saddle required.

All Equiline saddles are equipped with Coreshield, IGS (Integrated Gel System) and, depending on the model, FGT (Flap Grip Technology); they can also be customized to best meet the needs of the rider's setup and riding style, thus respecting the morphology and well-being of the horse. Equiline saddles can be made to measure with attention to every detail: Seat size, depending on rider weight; Withers opening, depending on the morphology of the horse; Length of the flaps, depending on the rider's height; Projection of the flaps, based on riding style; Choice of the panels filling type (T-Flex, Synthetic wool or Techno Air Panel); Availability of blocks in different sizes; To make your saddle more exclusive, Equiline offers the possibility of customizing it in two different ways: by inserting your country's flag (not available for all models) or with Swarowski crystal inserts to embellish the rear of the seat.

The Equiline Saddle Division introduces a new design philosophy inspired by two key values: respect for horses and comfort for riders. The project is the result of a collaboration with a team of veterinarians and osteopathic professionals that has led to create a saddle tailored to the rider, featuring a tree with cushioning inserts to provide optimal comfort on the pubic, genital, ischial and sacrococcygeal zones. All Equiline saddles come with a life-long guarantee on the tree, except in case of breaks from accidents. Finishing is covered by 2-year guarantee.

The new generation of Equiline arches was created to ensure greater well-being to the horse. It is the result of collaboration, between saddle technicians and laboratory technicians, of the analysis of negative torsional processes during work in the three disciplines: jumping, dressage and cross country. Sudden and abnormal movements increase these torsional processes, negatively affecting the stability of the tree and stressing the skeletal-muscular structure of the horse in an anomalous manner. The resulting discomfort on the one hand reduces the performance of the horse, generating painful contractures over time, on the other hand it stresses the long fibres of the arch, drastically reducing its qualities of elasticity and reactivity, peculiarities of synthetic fibres.

Equiline's saddles are born from the wise hands of our master craftsmen and women. Artisans implementing traditional Italian expertise to bring time- honoured signature to every saddle and custom uniqueness to every piece. Depth of experience and the expert ability to obtain the best from every leather hide, together with intricate attention to detail, blend to make an extraordinary difference in saddle design. Achieving the benefits of comfort, balance and performance for riders of every level comes from expert craftmanship, a perfect mix of the top raw materials, customizability and using Equiline's exclusive patented technologies.

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