Equiline Elite Jumping Saddle


Respect for the horse and comfort for the rider. The Equiline Saddle Division introduces a new design philosophy inspired by two key values: respect for horses and comfort for riders. The project is the result of a collaboration with a team of veterinarians and osteopathic professionals that has led to create a saddle tailored to the rider, featuring a tree with cushioning inserts to provide optimal comfort on the pubic, genital, ischial and sacrococcygeal zones. All Equiline saddles come with a life-long guarantee on the tree, except in case of breaks from accidents. Finishing is covered by 2-year guarantee.

Features a deep seat for better saddle security, cushions upholstered in heat-sensitive fibre (W-Wool), leather upholstered flaps and a removable front swell. Coreshield and IGS technologies are used.

*Coreshield Technology: reticular-modular injection system; it causes the macromolecules to be circumscribed in the lattice thus going to create more stability in the points where it serves with a very limited and fast torsional lattice, greatly reducing the stress of the material and the consequences that it causes to the horse.
With this type of constructive capacity we have:
- a more stable and reactive tree with consequent continuous and constant distribution of the masses even in the most critical situations;
- the certainty of the integrity of the materials even after prolonged frequency stress;
- maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the frame;
- maximum comfort for the horse;
- maximum comfort for the rider

** Integrated Gel Sistem: the IGS technology patented by Equiline exploits the properties of a synthetic gel material, which, following a long processing procedure, acquires its exclusive characteristics: versatility, memory and durability.
A shock absorption system:
- dampens the vibratory shock of the pelvis and back
- reduces the biomechanical tensions
- favores an optimal postural setting
- reduces muscular tensions in the pelvic area
- reduces the vibratory shocks perceived by the horse's back

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