Equitheme Sweet Itch Rug Silver Grey

Made of a 100% soft and tightly weaved polyester, the "Sweet itch" sheet prevents smaller insects from getting through, whilst keeping the horse comfortable. Dense and absorbing, it vents the sweat and reduces the damaging effects of UV rays on sensitive skins. Close fitting for full neck-to-tail protection. Features adjustable flaps at the base of the neck, and adjustable elasticated straps at all ends (neck and rear legs feature PVC fastening clips). Belly is entirely covered with a wide removable flap. This belly flap doubles the protection over the flanks because it is covering them too as it clips on both sides of the back. Elasticized and adjustable, it perfectly fits your horse’s body; its position is maintained with zips on the horse’s back, along with a self-gripping and clip anchoring system on the girth straps, interlocking it with the sheet. Machine washable at 30°C.

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