Feeling Alupro Loose Ring Rope Snaffle Bit


This Feeling Jump Alupro 2 ring rope bit is the perfect combination of comfort for your horse and performance. Its twisted fibre barrel makes it one of the most durable bits on the market, ideal for young horses or foals. No more discomfort for the horse which tends to play with its tongue, or the sensitive horse!

  • Made in italy
  • This Jump Alupro bit is composed of a 100% anti-fraying twisted fibres. barrel, certified and called "Jumpe"
  • It has 2 anodized aluminum rings with a thickness of 7mm
  • It is lightweight and durable , its special aluminum alloy does not rust, giving it excellent durability and safety with every use.
  • This bit is UV resistant
  • It does not absorb water with its water repellent qualities
  • It is completely safe for the horse, non-sharp and easy to clean
  • It resists chewing and is virtually indestructible
  • It greatly reduces friction and brings maximum comfort to your horse
  • With its weight of about 65gr , and the outer diameter of the rings of 80mm, it will convince you!

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