Mervue Start Aid Electrolytes


Start Aid Electrolyte is scientifically formulated as a highly palatable, reduced sugar electrolyte containing high levels of electrolyte salts and antioxidants to support recovery, reduce fatigue and stiffness after exercise.

Features and Benefits : 

  • Rapidly absorbable ingredients for fast rehydration.
  • Improved recovery from exercise and travel.
  • Apple flavoured for improved palatabilty and easy to use formulation.
  • Supports recovery after training and competition, reducing fatigue and stiffness.
  • Low sugar (<6%) – reduced glycaemic impact.
  • Added antioxidants to support recovery, immune system and reduce cell damage.
  • Potassium – to support reduced muscle cramping.

Available in 50g Sachets and a 2kg tub. 

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