Metalab Flexi Mullen Mouth 3 Ring Bit Blue


The Metalab Flexi Medium 3-Ring Bit benefits from the revolutionary concept of Flexi bits: it provides a perfect balance between control for the rider and comfort for the horse.

This adjustable Pessoa-type bit is made of ASTM304 stainless steel, a high-quality material known for its corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. It is also coated with PU EnviroGreen, a strong, durable, and environmentally friendly material.

The flexible mouthpiece of the Metalab Flexi Medium 3-Ring Bit:

  • Gently conforms to the shape of the horse's mouth.
  • Is gentler on the horse's mouth bars.
  • Provides a soft contact.
  • Reduces the risk of mouth corner injuries to the horse.

Being less cold in the horse's mouth, Metalab's Flexi bits are generally better accepted by the horse.

Being less harsh, they promote relaxation of the mouth and ensure a comfortable contact for the horse.

Thanks to its lowering effect, the Metalab Flexi Medium 3-Ring Bit is suitable for horses that tend to raise their heads to evade the rider's hand.

Depending on the rein attachment point, the bit will have a more or less pronounced lever effect.

Offering multiple options to adapt to the horse, the Metalab Flexi Medium 3-Ring Bit can be used with:

  • 1 pair of reins
  • 2 pairs of reins
  • Pelham cheek pieces

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