Metalab Flexi Pelham Bit Blue


Ideal for channeling the energy of powerful horses and/or those with spirited bloodlines, the Metalab Flexi Medium Short Cheek Pelham bit promotes direct contact while remaining gentle.

Benefitting from the innovative and revolutionary concept of Flexi bits, it offers a perfect balance between control for the rider and comfort for the horse.

This Pelham bit is crafted from ASTM304 stainless steel, a high-quality material highly resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain, and coated with PU EnviroGreen, which is strong, durable, and eco-friendly.

Thanks to the flexibility of its mouthpiece, the Metalab Flexi Medium Short Cheek Pelham bit:

  • Is gentler on the horse's mouth bars.
  • Ensures a soft contact.
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the corners of the horse's mouth.

The Metalab Flexi bits, being less cold in the mouth, are generally better accepted by the horse.

Being less harsh, they encourage relaxation of the mouth and ensure a pleasant contact for the horse.

Acting as a lever, the short cheeks of the Metalab Flexi Medium Short Cheek Pelham bit have a more moderate lowering effect than the long cheeks of the Metalab Flexi Medium long Cheek Pelham bit.

Adjusting the curb chain allows for varying the bit's severity.

The curb chain should lie flat, in contact, and allow for a 45° angle between the branches and the mouth's axis.

Using a curb chain guard is recommended to protect the sensitive bone of the lower jaw.

  • Cheek Length: 5 cm.

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