Pharmakas Iodine Liquid

Pharmakas® AKS Liquid contains bitter substances and so effectively protects horses against the ingestion of foreign bodies such as splinters, fibres or other foreign bodies, thus preventing serious injuries or illnesses (e.g. colic). In addition, AKS provides support in combating crib-biting (cribbing or windsucking). The bitter substance used does not present a health risk to humans and horses and at the same time is effective in preventing unwanted chewing. It has a long-lasting effect. Repeated application increases effectiveness.
Application: Can be applied to all common items and surfaces. Please check the product‘s compatibility on an inconspicuous place prior to use. Wear gloves when applying the product. Pharmakas® AKS Paste is not applied directly onto the horse! Contains capsicum! if unintended contact with horse occurs: pay attention to ADMR compliance!
Content: 500 ml

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